Dead Weight (2012)

Starring: Joe Belknap, Mary Lindberg, Michelle Courvais, Aaron Christensen, Sam Lenz, Jess Ader

Dead Weight

Plot: Charlie is traveling through the wilderness to find his girlfriend, Samantha, after civilization is destroyed by widespread biological attacks. He must try to survive while dealing with other survivors and his own emotional burdens.

My Review and Thoughts:

A surprisingly unique and fresh apocalyptic film. A smart way to tell a story. Great character development. I enjoyed the whole process of the film. The film is told in a series of flashbacks through the relationship of your two main characters Charlie and Samantha.

Charlie your main player is in love with Samatha. Soon a viral infection breaks out, causing basic zombie like creatures. Both of them are far apart so Charlie promises to find her. They set a location and soon Charlie embarks.

Charlie is traveling with a group of other survivor's. The movie showcases the viewers imagination in that you have to build the reality of what is happening in your mind. The movie is a slow burn flick where the story is the main focus and the action is on the back burner and that is okay because the focus is Charlie and his ordeal. The changing attitude and the what if and the paranoia all plays out in wonderful vivid detail.

I feel this is the smartest zombie flick to come out since 28 Days Later. The zombies are not the story line they are secondary if not third to the story. The main focus is Charlie and his survival and struggle and actions which end up being at times worse then the virus itself. This movie captures the emotional changing qualities of the human soul.

Joe Belknap who plays Charlie is brilliant. He is talented and his actions displayed through his acting is 100 percent perfect and believable. The direction is flawless, the dialogue and story works perfect. The horror is the human itself. How far will you go for the one you love. Will you become the human monster?

Adam Bartlett and John Pata both have written and created a perfect survival character study that grows with the viewer on every viewing. This is a natural film of being human and the choices one might make for ultimate selfishness and the will to survive. I recommend this film, not for gore or zombies but for a flawless character study and a filmed movie of amazing cinematography in the nature viewpoint and out door landscapes add to the perfect feel of the film.

A small budget film that can smack a big budget film where it hurts. This is a true gem and is worthy of viewing. A priceless little trip into the zombie market that stands above and beyond most. In all honesty I am zombi-ed-out, the subject is dead and too over done so when I went into this I was like here we go again but boy was I wrong. The beauty of this film is the classic approach to film making, set in a time of film making where story mattered most and special effects was not glamorized on screen.

This is all story. All acting and all to the human side of this ordeal which makes it work. The relationship between your two main stars through flashbacks are believable and you fall in love with them and their humor mixed love affair.

This is a wonderful independent film that I am a huge fan of and hope it becomes a fan based favorite because Adam Bartlett and John Pata has created a true emotional, human nature based film that all watching can relate to and understand and feel like they are apart of.

A must watch in my viewpoint. 


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