Trevor Juenger's Coyote (2013)

(Original Posted on 5/2/13 Screened)

Plot: An insomniac writers sleep-deprived hallucinations distort reality as paranoia drives him to extreme violence.

Starring: Bill Oberst Jr., Victoria Mullen, Bill Finkbiner.

My Review and Thoughts:

If I had two words to describe Coyote it would be "wickedly brilliant".

I want you to imagine William S Burroughs and Franz Kafka and David Cronenberg and David Lynch all having an incestuous orgy. And from that incest jewel orgy you birthed Coyote.

This is possibly one of the most interesting and disturbing trips into a whirlpool of pure insanity laced in an acid trip of a nightmare that I have ever seen. Screw drugs watch Coyote.

Unless you have seen Coyote it is hard for a person that has seen it to review it in a way that a person who hasn't seen it will get it. To describe how far out, how deep, how interesting, how abnormal this structural movie is, in reality is impossible. Unless you've been raped in the mind by an insane high on crack rock midget my review won't matter.

That's why I choose two words to describe it "wickedly brilliant". There are few new directors and writers that will step above and beyond what is normal. Step above what is beyond Hollywood. Step what is beyond the basic structural film making and I have to say Trevor is one of those new directors that defines cinema in a whole different light.

That is why I want to classify him as possibly a new original film god. He takes his own imagination, his own mind, and his own thoughts and structures them onto paper and creates brilliant little moments that define film. If the film industry had more visionaries like Trevor the future would be okay, the future of cinema would be okay.

When I see Trevor just by this one movie I say in confidence that I see a little Ingmar Bergman. I see a little David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Alfred Hitchcock and his self-own visionary world that wants to capture so much on-screen. Trevor has the potential to be like those masters. He has that spark and that vision.

Coyote is a trip into the insanity laced mind of a writer, that when he falls asleep his nightmares come to reality. His destruction comes to reality. He starts to boil over on what is real and what isn't. He changes. He Metamorphosis's. He alters his being.

You the viewer have no idea if it's real what is happening or if it's all part of his brain. Or is it all part of insanity of his lack of sleep, of his booze induced trips. You witness his slow decline. His slow change. His slow alternate self. He sees himself as an animal, as a creature, as a bug, as an alien, you walk with him into his insanity.

Coyote expresses great originality through artistic visionary make up and filmed moments. The camerawork and lighting in this film is very, very graphically brilliant in my viewpoint. The film atmosphere and lighting, put you in like a daze or a fuzzy atmosphere, looking out from the nightmare or from the dream. You have brilliantly directed moments, amazingly acted moments.

I highly recommend this screwed up little film. Not many are going to get this movie and basic people might not even like this movie, but it's a film that is structurally sound and showcases something fresh, new, twisted, weird, unsettling, gut wrenching, odd, and freaky just to say a few words in its description.

I have to applaud Bill Oberst Jr. who is the lead character Bill, who basically loses it on screen and gives a spectacular performance as a truly paranoid schizophrenic hallucinogenic extreme insomniac walking nightmare. He owns the part and works it perfectly. Now on a side note that has nothing to do with the movie I have to applaud the acting performance of Bill Oberst Jr in a different way because the parts he plays in most of his films and movies are violent or odd but in reality what is so interesting is he's a motivational speaker in schools and churches and yet most of his performances deal with some type of weird violent odd type character. To me that just shows you how good of an Actor he is.

Victoria Mullen gives the performance of Jesse, the girlfriend or main squeeze for Bill. She gives a fantastic performance and is great in the characterization of Jesse.

The small roll of Joe played by Bill Finkbiner is also a truly interesting part as the musclebound racist jock friend to Bill.

Trevor Juenger directed and wrote and created a fantasy horror with great acting, flawless direction, brilliant scripted dialogue, make up and an overall powerful little weird horror film.

This film gives us some type of darkness that gives a new meaning to insanity.