7th Day (2012)

7th Day (2012)

Starring: Mark S. Sanders, Richard Cutting, Christie Beran, Helenmary Ball, Carl Stevens, Michael Brecher, Jessy Danner, Josh Davidson, Charlie Dreizen, Jessica Felice, Daisy Gibb, Jennifer Juniper, Alex Barone, Chaka Balamani

Plot: A pervert, murderer, and hopeless romantic, Allen Dean is on a 7-day journey to discovery his real true love. He is torn between Denise the waitress, who he believes he loves, and his first true love, murder.

My Review and Thoughts:

Bloody, gory, a twisted serial killer and an interesting approach. Original at times and very visceral. The image works, the blood and gore can be shocking, and can be overdone yet leaves that lasting impression on you.

For a diehard gore horror lover it works. This follows along with a serial killer narrating his life. He seems to be speaking into a microphone that is being held by a somewhat ghoul that only he sees.

He's a dishwasher at his normal everyday job and a serial killer at his ultimate reality. He works in normal society, but also goes hunting for his next victim.

This is written in a way that the viewer can understand, a down to earth setting where the viewer can understand the violence, because of what happens every day on the news in the world.

There are monsters and monsters are humans. This particular monster has no set pattern. He kills just to kill. His victims, he stalks some of them and just shoots some of them, all for his love of murder, his need, his hatred.

The movie is an independent lower budget film, but the quality is great in the makeup and special affects department. The overall story has been done before but overlooking that it still captures that spark of originality that the viewer can relate to.

This is a vivid it in your face movie, knowing that this is a serial killer and his acts are vividly shown. His murders and depravity are filmed holding nothing back. He not only shoots, stabs, rapes, cannibalizes and even dabbles in necrophilia. His persona is a nonchalant way of exploration and seeking what he terms the next adventure, the next idea, the next growing in his ultimate ordeal.

I think it was directed sound. I think it was acted wonderfully. I think it was edited and captured in a way that holds the viewer. There is no real point to the movie other than serial killing, other than a monster telling his story, so if you go into this wanting some thought-provoking film then avoid it at all cost. If you're a fan of classic 80s, 70s Gore, then this will be a winner. It displays for the fans of shock horror, fans for over the top horror, will like this movie.

Like I say it's an independent film, it's crafted well in the makeup department and I think it's acted fine. It's an enjoyable watch for the fan of this type of cinema. I don't want to say I enjoy watching a serial killer do his stuff but this is done as if watching a biography or a documentary style film where you get to experience the inside ticking’s of a monster.

You get to watch the tick-tock of the clock hand move as this killer does his deeds.

Jason M. Koch directed a very impressive film of a sadistic serial killer, yet mixes a narrative approach and also an underlining evil humor. He was able to capture a part of life that sadistically happens and made it into a great little horror film that sticks to the bones and leaves a bitter yet pleasurable taste of entertainment in the viewer watching.

Mark Leake wrote truly a haunting and disturbing reality. Dire Wit Films brought out an impression indie horror that sticks with you.

But Winner of the Golden Ticket would have to go to Mark S. Sanders who plays your main character and all around odd ball dish washing serial killer Allen Dean. Sanders owns the part and gives it life. He makes you believe the character.

I have to mention one part that totally cracked me up. It made me hysterically laugh with its dark humor. It's when Allen Dean decides to pick up a homeless man played by Carl Stevens. Dean takes him to the motel and lets him shower and gives him a bottle of booze, just the dialogue that comes out of the homeless man's mouth is priceless. The whole part with the homeless man just was hysterically funny.

Overall I recommend it. I enjoyed it. I thought it was crafted well. I thought it gave something to remember. I felt it flowed with ease. Some will not like because of its graphicness, but with that said, I still feel it gave what it wanted to give.