31 Days of Halloween: Top 10 Underrated Horror Films

Top 10 Underrated Horror Films


Hellraiser: Inferno (2000) / 100 Feet (2008) / Blood Creek (2009)

These are tied for the tenth spot. Each one I feel are great films. They have there flaws but each one contains true originality and an awesome story, acting and leaves you with images and also memories to take with you. Inferno is one of the overlooked sequels to the Hellraiser series. Part one is a horror masterpiece, 2 is good 3 is somewhat ok, 4 is weird and all the others besides this one sucks. Inferno has a deep twisted story. Great acting and truly an interesting story that creates it's own reality and is basically a stand alone to the whole series and that is why it works.

100 Feet I feel is overlooked. Awesome story. Great effects. Something that stands out from many of the horror films coming out today. I feel 100 Feet is one of those films that should get a following.

Bloodcreek I feel is just plain awesome. I love this movie and find myself watching it over and oer again. It's unique and different and very fresh. Awesome direction, effects and story. Highly recommend this different horror film. 


2001's Session 9 

Possibly one of the best spook flicks in existence. Spooky and very dark and odd. Loved this film and it's sad that it's not talked about more. It's creepy and deep and something that plays with your mind over and over again. Its a movie you remember.


1971's Don't Deliver us From Evil

This is one eye opening shocking and twisted experience. This is one of my favorite films and is in my top 30 horror movies of all time. Violent and dead dark and sexual. Has one of the greatest endings of all time.


2008's Venom

This film is sadly and criminally over looked. I feel this picture has all the classic

 stamp yet with all the originality of this horror film.


2004's Creep

Brutal and disturbing and very sick at times. This is one gory horror film that seems to never get what it deserves.


1987's Stage Fright

Possibly one of the best 80's films ever done. Its a true shame this film has never gotten the push it so deserves. One of the coolest masked killers ever.


2006's Cold Prey

Pure brilliance in old school slasher style with a new fresh take. A perfect film of kills and frights. A great back story and shines. Such a shame this film has not gotten the wide spread amazement it deserves.


The Lords of Salem

I think this film is criminally over looked. I think it's an eye experience of images and shocking reality. I feel this is a film so unique and so perfect in acting, story and truly a nightmarish shock persona that leaves the viewer awe struck. I think it's a shame that so many don't get this film. I for one understand it and experience something new everytime I watch it.


Kill List (2011)

This film blows me away every time I watch it. So different and so brilliant and original. A thick crime thriller yet mixed with horror. Brutal and strange and trippy and an all around masterpiece of cinema. I can not speak enough about this film. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to experience something flooring.


The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

Possibly one of the greatest horror films ever done yet not seen by most. It's a true shame this movie is not experienced for it was hell of a horror film that leaves truly a lasting mark on the viewers mind. A top notch story. Shocking, sadistic, brutal and to me one of the greatest horror films ever created.