Twilight Time Blu-ray: The Fortune 1975

The Fortune 1975

Blu-Ray Company Release: Twilight Time

Starring: Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Stockard Channing, Florence Stanley, Richard B. Shull, Tom Newman, John Fiedler, Scatman Crothers

Plot: Two bumbling hustlers in the 1920s attempt to gain the fortune of an heiress. Nothing will stop them, not even murder.

My Review and Thoughts:

Film: 3.5/5

This is a comical film starring some amazing performers. Three acting legends in one film, hamming it up for the viewer to experience. Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty and Stockard Channing work perfect together throughout this comical farce. Now I will be honest I am not the greatest fan of this movie. I have seen it several times and it makes me laugh and does entertain me throughout its laugh out funny ride of entertainment. It's just something that I don’t really hold high in film excellence, but with that said it’s still a fun film and most of all worthy to own on this new special edition blu-ray format. I do feel it’s an underrated comedy with a solid cast and Twilight Time expressed the beauty yet again on a film that seems to have been lost in the film world or at least the film industry. Twilight Time gives it an outlet for a whole new generation of movie buffs.

Now the stand out performance goes to Nicholson just because it’s something very different. I think his role and character of Oscar is the best of the film. He makes the viewer laugh and gives a persona so different to his character that it lingers on the viewer. I really can’t remember when I first saw this but it was a film that I had totally forgotten about until learning that it would be a Special Edition release for Twilight Time. I am very happy that it was lovingly put out by Twilight Time on a new beautiful Blu-ray that gives the film a whole new sound and image that the film has never seen the likes of. Twilight Time is able to bring a mastery that the films have never seen before and that is what is amazing about owning Twilight Time Blu-ray’s and The Fortune is no different. There is one thing I know everyone at Twilight Time should get a pat on the back and a job well done on the beauty they honor films with.

I, being one of the biggest film buffs, love when I come across persons who honor film in ways of mastery and Twilight Time does that. Sometimes I feel I am the only one that understands and honors film, but when I have the likes and passion of this company giving outlets to great films, in new and beautiful ways, I know there are others who get the art form of film.

Now this film is directed by one of the greatest masterpiece directors of all time who sadly we lost in 2014. Mike Nichols was a true god director. He mastered such greats as Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, The Graduate, Closer. One of my favorite comedies The Birdcage and one of my very favorite underrated films 1994’s Wolf. He also directed one of my all-time favorite tear jerking drama’s 1983’s Silkwood, HINT HINT TWILIGHT TIME. Nichols is a visionary talent that knew how to put into place his performers and craft the film around the image he wanted and expressed it through the lens for the viewer in away as if you the watcher, where right there in the room. His expertise in the art form of film making stood out and created many memorable films. 

The Fortune is my least favorite of his 22 films but that does not mean it’s a bad film because it’s very entertaining and very funny and it has performances that linger with you.

Of all the performers, each one showcases their characters in acting perfection and create a persona to their characters that give the viewers a liking or a dislike of their characterization. Loved seeing Scatman Crothers in apart. A true genius of film. That is something interesting about this film is some of the performers had or would work together in other films. Scatman after The Fortune would go on to act with Nicholson in One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and my personal favorite Kubrick’s masterpiece The Shining. I’ll always remember Scatman for his animated voice. I was a kid of the 80’s and grew up with one of the greatest cartoons ever Transformers. Scatman was the voice of the Transformer Jazz.

This is written by an actress Carole Eastman who used a different name when writing her screen plays. She wrote The Fortune under the name Adrien Joyce. She also would collaborate with Nicholson on other films. Both had become friends when meeting in acting classes. She wrote 1966’s The Shooting starring Nicholson and also 1970’s Five Easy Pieces starring Nicholson and 1992’s Man Trouble starring Nicholson. Sadly her script for The Fortune was turned around and chopped to pieces resulting in a mixed review by critics. Some approach The Fortune as it being good, yet not great and others approach it, as it being something different, yet funny but also seems to drag in spots even though it’s only 88 minutes. I for one think the film is unique and a fun watch. It’s got great comical moments and the performances alone make the film shine.

Something I have to pin point out because I absolutely love her, is this was Stockard Channing’s first major feature film starring role. She created a worthy character to remember. The film is a worthy example of a comedy farce that lingers with the viewer. I can understand the mixed reviews for this film but I still feel it works and is a comical film that has a solid cast of acting.

To me this is another prime example of Twilight Time Special Edition excellence that should be owned and placed on the shelf of any movie lover. It’s a forgotten comedy that has been resurrected by true movie release pioneers, TWILIGHT TIME.

Audio/Video: 5/5

The best the movie has ever seen and ever been given. Twilight Time has such away with honoring and respecting film that it makes a movie buff enjoy cinema all that more.

VIDEO: 1080p High Definition / 2.35:1
AUDIO: English 1.0 DTS-HD MA
1975 / Color

Extras: 2/5

You get the important and excellent Isolated Music and effects track. This was another wonderful listen. Composed by a legend in his own right, the one and only David Shire. I have always loved his music in 1974’s The Conversation, 1976’s All the Presidents Men, 1979’s Norma Rae, 1984’s 2010 and 2007’s Zodiac and countless other feature films and TV movies. He knows how to bring out the emotions in listeners. The Fortune works through his talent in crafted music and composing and the special Edition Twilight Time Blu-ray does his music mastery justice.

You also get another wonderful booklet by the movie historian Julie Kirgo. Another highlight to Twilight Time blu-rays.

Overall Product Review: 3.5/5

Another great release by Twilight Time. The wonderful audio and video is stunningly breathless as always. This felt like a new movie. Twilight Time gave it a new outlet and expressed the beauty they show film to a new generation of movie buffs. The Fortune is a funny and dark style comedy that expresses the funny bone into a film that makes one smile and giggle. The performances are all flawless. The story is wild and the direction is amazing. A fun film of criminal activities with a twisted plot of comical banter.


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