Two Mothers (2013)

Two Mothers (2013)

Starring: Karina Plachetka, Sabine Wolf

Plot: When happily married German couple Katja and Isabella decide to have a child, they are confronted with many unexpected obstacles, inconsistent laws and bigotry.  Although they are married, most of the fertility clinics don't offer treatment for homosexuals under German law. After months of private doctor consultations and expensive procedures, they find a trader who sells utilities for an insemination at home, which starts a casting for potential donors. As weeks and months pass by, it becomes clear that the process will be far more fraught than either were prepared for - and may even threaten their relationship in unexpected ways.  Katja begins to doubt if she really wants a child and wonders if Isa is willing to betray their relationship in order to fulfill her desire to become pregnant.

My Review and Thoughts:
A passionate and wonderful thought provoking drama that is truly dramatic and something that expresses a thick plot and amazing acting. A touching deep story that lingers on the viewer. The direction and flow of the film is what stands out. I felt the emotional reality behind the performances. I felt as if the characters came to life on screen and you as the viewer became a part of the struggle and ultimate ordeal. The relationship and the fight to become a mother is touching and gripping in plot.

Written and Directed wonderfully by Anne Zohra Berrached. This is her first feature film and she can control a deep, touching and frustrating story that comes to life on screen. She crafts an ultimate vision through a tight film of story, passion and bitterness.

The stunning and beautiful chemistry between Karina Plachetka and Sabine Wolf as your main characters and plot to the film creates excellence in the art of acting. This German drama film is a special treat to film buffs and lovers of great cinema that stays with you.

I think what I like about this film so much is, its down-to-earth reality. It's honestly. It's heart moving experience. Gay and lesbian individuals should have the right to adopt or get pregnant without having to fight for the right to do so.

This is lovingly brought out on DVD by TLARELEASINGs' new label Canteen Outlaws.  I highly recommend this feature. It’s a wonderful drama and a moving film that lingers with you long after it’s over. A pure passionate example of emotional cinema, perfection.