Inherent Vice (2014)

Inherent Vice (2014)

Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin, Owen Wilson, Katherine Waterston, Reese Witherspoon, Benicio del Toro, Sasha Pieterse, Jena Malone, Maya Rudolph, Martin Short

Plot: In the stoner hippie days, drug-fueled Los Angeles private eye Larry "Doc" Sportello investigates the disappearance of a former girlfriend.

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a mesmerizing film but also a film that is confusing at times. The movie can be looked at in two different ways, if you are familiar with the book and the story then the movie will flow with ease. If you're not familiar with the book and the story then the movie can be confusing because it doesn't come with any sort of coherence. It's jumbled up and plays out in a mixed form but that is also its original unique beauty.

This is by one of my favorite Director, Writer, Producers, Paul Thomas Anderson. Anderson is a cinematic genius that has brought some of the greatest films Boogie Nights, Magnolia and the utter masterpiece There Will Be Blood. Inherent Vice is a dark comical crime drama that is truly original and very unique.

Inherent Vice is the brain child to an imaginative one of a kind author Thomas Pynchon. His brilliant novel by the same name is beyond written word and creates perfection in word play. Anderson does the book justice and creates a very dynamic crime comedy that stands out and creates its own little world.

Amazing acting and utterly spectacular direction. The movie has awesome perfection in story, acting and costumes. It bleeds hippies, dope and crime. This is geared toward the more thinking movie goer. You have to use your major thinking process for this film. This is not a simple film to enjoy because it's a plot and massively dialogue driven film.

It will be confusing for a lot because there is no coherence to the structure of the film but that is also its most interesting and truly original plot and creation.

Joaquin Phoenix is pure acting mastery in this film. He became the character and created perfection with it. Josh Brolin was excellent and truly brought the role to life. One of the films strongest realities is the acting.

Very funny in the doped out reality of let's all get majorly stoned. Anderson created something beyond describing it in simple review form or cinema criticism. I think unless you have seen it then you have no idea or even after seeing it I really can't fathom what I watched or got out of it. Simple put it's a required taste.

Surfers, hustlers, nudity, the aryan brotherhood, dopers and rockers, shoot outs, murder and LAPD Detectives what more could you want.