Olive Films Release: La Belle Captive (1983)

Company: Olive Films

Product Review: Blu-Ray (Also available on DVD)

La Belle Captive (1983)

Starring: Gabrielle Lazure, Daniel Mesguich, Cyrielle Clair

Plot: After countering a mysterious woman at a smoke field nightclub. Secret agent Walter Raim finds the woman lying bound and semi-conscious on a country road. He takes her to an isolated mansion where a group of mysterious men have gathered. After Walter wakes he finds he is stuck inside a mystery. A strange reality that he must set out and figure out just what has happened.

My Review and Thoughts:

Olive Films truly knows how to bring film mastery at its best. This company is dedicated to bringing independent, foreign, documentary and classic films to life once again for every film lover passionate about cinema. They lovingly craft DVDs and Blu-ray's in EXCELLENCE and they express the love affair that we all have with movies of all genera's

All I can say to start out with is I was utterly excited and absolutely fascinated and amazed and thoroughly giddy with excitement when I found out that Olive Films was releasing this wonderful forgotten piece of brilliance on a wonderful Blu-ray format and also DVD. This is one of those forgotten pieces of erotic fantasy, mixed with unrelenting nightmarish style, fever dreams of horror. This is one of those movies that leaves a lasting impression upon the viewer and is one of those movies that should be seen by any movie lover because it's such a unique and one-of-a-kind experience. I am so happy and elated that Olive Films graced this piece of erotic dark cinema with a new wonderful transfer and outlet to experience this weird, original, one-of-a-kind, black fever dream nightmare.

Part erotic, part nightmare, part horror and all original. A deep trip of insanity and the beauty of the erotic dark nature of forbidden lust and life. To me this is one of the best French avant-garde horror and mystery films ever to grace the cinema world.

This is directed by one of the greatest film directors of all time. Brilliantly gifted writer and utterly fantastic master of cinema and original unique and passionate pieces of film history, the one and only Alain Robbe-Grillet. Not only a genius filmmaker but what most know him for is his wonderful novels. His brilliant work in published books give him a heightened reality of pure genius in both book form and film form.

He created an atmosphere in his movies, of yes, voyeuristic, sexually erotic and of a provocative nature, but they were also a deep mind screw and a journey like no other. Olive Films has graced this twisted little masterpiece with a perfect Blu-Ray format (Also available on DVD).

Starring the beautiful, stunning, gorgeous piece of pure adulterated eye candy the one and only goddess Gabrielle Lazure. She is a piece of brilliance in cinema and is easy on the eyes but most of all a genius at performance. She owned her part and crafted it with a shining stardom she could only do. Have I mentioned how much I love her (okay I know that's kind of stalkerish)? This was her second major feature film, she had done TV work and one other movie in Italy before this work. She still acts strong today and is as sexy and lovely and beautiful as always. 

Also starring the equally wonderful acting performer Daniel Mesguich. Always another treat in cinema. A solid actor that knows how to craft and create a character and bring them to life on screen. He is still acting strong today and as brilliant as always in his craft. Also let's not forget the other amazing beautiful actress starring in this unique horror/film noir none other than beauty and eye opening Cyrielle Clair. Another stunning actress and solid gifted excellence in performing.

Released in 1.66:1 Aspect Ratio. This also comes with the original Trailer as a bonus. This is a lovely Blu-Ray and an equally brilliant one of a kind film that is truly a must own experience. This is a film that I hold on high standards because of its unique visionary style and its ultimate mind screw of screaming and nightmare like fantasy.

A must own Bly-Ray / DVD of pure cinema gold. A treat of cinema. Olive Films brings out magic once again in giving an outlet to this forgotten gem of nightmarish erotic cinema. 


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