Plato's Reality Machine (2015)

Plato's Reality Machine (2015)

Starring: Trieste Kelly Dunn, Carolina Bartczak, Ed Renninger, Doug Roland, Heather Shisler and Nathan Spiteri

Plot: "For Charles, video-games are a much-needed escape from reality.  But when virtual vixen Sophia leads him on a mysterious quest that interweaves with the lives of five love-lorn New Yorkers, they will all learn that in the game of life, every heart is a moving target."

My Review and Thoughts:

Truly original and vividly unique.

Tender realism and comical perfection. Love, romance and the bitterness of relationships. Solid experience of story and direction.

Independent film at its rawest perfection. A brilliant Indie that to me is a must see.

I absolutely love this video game drama, romantic comedy. It has a great sense of realism in the idea of relationships with characters that we all can relate to and are in our lives. There is some very funny moments in this film. An interesting picture that I feel everyone watching can relate to in one way or another knowing someone just like the characters in the film. There is a sensitive and understanding of the people. There is a sense of a personal reality but most of all, there's a sense of underlining humor and the turmoil and reality inside each character, each persona in our lives.

I absolutely love the dialogue, the story, the acting was brilliant. I think the direction was solid. The picture held itself together and created its own little atmosphere; its own little reality. This builds life's understanding on the concept of individuals coming together in one way or another. I felt this dramatic puzzle of life experiences, specifically dealing with the idea of love or the reality of relationships.

I think that is the films strongest point is the reality-based feel of the movie. I felt it. I understood it. I can relate to it. I became a part of it and that's what the movie does, it gives the viewer a sense that you could be looking at it through your life's experience.

It's a solid film of the exploration of human life, of human romances. It's of the idea of relationships that we all see in different forms, different ways, we all come together through a spiral maze of dead ends and new outlets. Relationships are tricky and often times an unfathomable reality to comprehend. Relationships are confusing. Relationships are dynamic. Relationships are humorous and loving.

Amazing soundtrack by music legend Raymond Watts (KMFDM). Truly brilliant, adding to the already wonderful film. The soundtrack gives it even a deeper reality that builds the human persona on screen.

Written and directed by Myles Sorensen. This is his first feature film. He had done a short film before this but this is his first feature film and I have to say for being a first time director he aced it. He brought the chemistry of the characters, the dynamic reality of the story and completed a solid memorable film. I look forward to the future if he decides to make more films.

I absolutely loved the cast, they were so fresh, it created an atmosphere of reality where the chemistry felt real and each of them came together in a flawless way. Loved Nathan Spiteri as the character Josie. He aced his part to perfection. Doug Roland as Charles was dynamic and all the female performers where golden tickets. Loved Trieste Kelly Dunn, Mackenzie David, Carolina Bartczak, Heather Shisler all brought to life there personas to a clarity of belief and gave so much to the characters. Ed Renninger was flawless. That is the ultimate beauty of this film is the characters and the chemistry and storyline between each one.

A perfect little independent film that leaves a huge impression upon the viewer. I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. Solid direction, amazing acting and a fresh unique story. Simply put I loved it and recommend it.


Film is available on iTunes and VOD right now so what are you waiting for.

It has a Limited theatrical engagement in Los Angeles Showing January 30- February 5, 2015. At Arena Cinema Hollywood, 1625 N. Las Palmas Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028.