Spotlight on Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh

Just wanted to post a little entry about this upcoming film which is running on the film festival market right now. I absolutely love the title, just truly unique original and just plain awesome. I'm interested in the trailer which you can watch below, it has my attention and I enjoy as you all know independent film, specifically of the horror nature. This one looks very entertaining.

This is by Cinephreak Pictures written and directed by indie filmmaker Jakob Bilinski. Bilinski has brought some very interesting and unique feature film gems to the indie film making world. From the artistic human dark drama Shade of Grey to the one of a kind Cult modern drive-in classic Bloody Hooker Bang Bang. Bilinski has away with creating fresh originality to his screwed up, perfect imagination.

And so A Bucket of Corn would like to spread the word for another imaginative exploration into this film making insanity that bleeds and creates new, fresh and twisted cinema of true indie perfection.

PLOT: This is a tale of a man who returns to a small town. There he is coming to bury his niece who has recently died. It was ruled an accident but he believes something has happened to her. There he starts to search for the truth but in the process sometimes the truth is darker than we could ever imagine. There he discoveries the dark secrets and the ultimate truth.

STARRING: Bill Gobin, Jim Dougherty,  Kayla Crance,  Angela Steele,  Rosalind Rubin,  Scott Ganyo,  Grant Niezgodski,  Sidney Shripka,  Kevin Roach,  Alex Hahn,  Rusty James,  Jim O'Rear,  Sonny Burnette,  Mark A. Nash,  Eric T. Schroeder,  Julie Pyle,  Aric Dylan, Joe Atkinson

Can't wait to review this, looks like it's right up my dark  alley.