Treehouse (2014)

Treehouse (2014)

Plot: After chasing a mysterious shadow figure into the woods, a young girl disappears and is later discovered by two teenage brothers, trapped inside an old treehouse in the woods. Together they must battle an unimaginable evil that is trying to get in.

Starring J. Michael Trautmann, Dana Melanie, Daniel Fredrick, Clint James. Directed by Michael G.Bartlett.

My Review and Thoughts:

I found myself surprisingly fascinated with this film. I thought it worked. I thought it flowed with ease and I really enjoyed the throwback to the 80s style of horror films. I think the movie works for a classic drive-in style film. A lower budget horror film. It has all the trademarks of an independent horror reality. I enjoyed the story. I thought it was different, fresh and original. I grew up in the 80s and 90s and I'm always looking for films that have that style, that ultra-class of the drive-in late night feature film and I have to say Treehouse does have that. I think even with its flaws, the movie works and for lovers of 80s horror and early 90s I believe they will take to this.

I think what ultimately stands out the most is the acting. Dana Melanie is fantastic and might I add stunningly beautiful as the character Elizabeth. I felt her role and she made me believe. J. Michael Trautmann is the shining star of the film. I think he aces the plight and emotional reality of the character of Killian. Trautmann is a wonderful actor I have been diligently following through his career. I sense a great performer in everything he does.

Like I say if you go into this wanting a great throwback to the 80s style independent horror and a drive-in feature film reality mixed with some great acting and an interesting plot, that I had no idea where it was going and ended up doing a 360 in the end; then you will be given a treat. Solidly entertaining.

I liked how the movie twisted and turned into something odd. At first I thought creatures, monsters maybe aliens and then it changed again adding something truly weird that made it all the more of an 80's throwback.

Think if Just Before Dawn (1981) Wrong Turn (2003) and Signs (2002) had an incestuous orgy and birthed a love child, it would be Treehouse.

All I can say is I would not want to meet Nick Herra in a darkened alley, good lord that's one big man.

Directed by writer, producer Michael G. Bartlett who has graced the low budget indie horror world with the likes of, The Zombie Diaries 1 and 2 and also The Paranormal Diaries. Treehouse is his fourth feature film.  I am a fan of his direction because he has the style of the old school horror director reality and that's why my Drive-In, late-night, B-movie loving soul appreciates what he brings forth. Written by two relatively new comers Alex Child and Miles Harrington. I enjoyed how the story twisted and turned and never really let the viewer guess what direction it was going.

Something that is so wrong with a lot of horror films this day and age is they give too much of the story away. Movies today feel they have to let you know every single detail. Treehouse does the opposite. It contains its mysterious reality because you never really get the answers to some of the questions that most people might want. I'm totally opposite. I don't want to know everything. I don't want to know what the killers are or why they're doing it. Sometimes, killers are just killers. Monsters are just monsters, simple as that.

A fun, throwback horror. A nice Drive-In late night feature with all the trademarks of a B-grade horror film.


TREEHOUSE is Set for U.S theatrical and digital release Feb 20 (Week long showing at the Arena Cinemas in LA)