Avenged (2013)

Avenged (2013)

Starring: Amanda Adrienne, Marc Anthony Samuel, Rodney Rowland, Tom Ardavany, John Charles Meyer, Brionne Davis, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Kyle Morris, Joseph Runningfox, Donnelle Russell, Daniel Knight, Ed Fletcher, Jason Gurvitz, Peter Sherayko, Willow Hale and Kingo Ojeda.

Plot: A deaf girl is brutalized by a murderous gang who are then hunted by her when the bloodthirsty spirit of an Apache warrior inhabits her lifeless body.

My Review and Thoughts:

Originally titled Savaged, but now goes by the title Avenged.

This is a violent Grindhouse style horror that bleeds, somewhat the concept of, I Spit on your Grave, The Last House on the Left and all those others, but also mixes the concept of a supernatural element. The concept of the raped and brutalized woman has been done a thousand times before, and so, it is unoriginal, but don't go into it thinking that way, because I felt this movie, really came together as a solid supernatural rape, revenge tale. Yes, this has the plot of a raped woman/revenge reality of the 70's and 80's and even today, but that is not the whole plot. It adds a unique and interesting and in my viewpoint an awesome fresh concept to this tired and overdone story.

The makeup, special effects and gore is top notch and utterly fantastic. They do an amazing job in that department. It looked real, and even spots made me feel, the hurt and pain. The violence is brutal, and the supernatural element to the plot, was spot on interesting, and very unique, and original through the Native American spirit reality.

It's about freaking time the white man pays. Oh wait I am white. Well the white man of the past deserves the revenge of all those Natives, lied to, and fallen, to the brutality of the evil racist, white man of the past.

A deaf-mute girl, happens to get in a car and drive out in the middle of nowhere, and of course, as you would expect, out there in the middle of nowhere, the desert, she comes in contact, with three local redneck boys chasing down a Native American, which they slaughter. There, they kidnap her, and rape her, and she ends up dead, but here's where the plot differs. After she dies, she comes back. That's the premise and the plot of the story. This is what you already know going into it, from the synopsis and the trailer. What you don't know, is the total revenge of the supernatural force that comes through the deaf mute girl and what happens when she awakes.

Absolutely wonderful, and flawless acting, by some of the actors, and actress, on screen. That is one of the solid viewpoints of this film. Most of these revenge films, have really bad acting, or some sort of B-grade performance, but this one does not. Almost, everyone in this film knew their part, and created, a memorable character for the viewer to remember. The solid direction creates that tight weaved feel that the viewer wants to watch from beginning, middle and end. The film is edited perfect. They don't overdo it in spots of plot that already has been done, in other films. The rape and ultimate torment, is mostly left to your imagination, or through flashbacks. Also the original concept, that the rednecks, who are basically serial killers, is that, one had a father, that was a general during the Civil War, who ended up killing Native Americans, and now his son wants to take over, where his father left off.

Now I have to mention the performances. First and foremost is your main actors, your characters, and your main point of the film. The beautiful and stunning Amanda Adrienne does a wonderful job in making you believe her pain, and her suffering, and her ultimate ordeal of revenge; possessed by something she has no control over. Her body, is a vessel of historical revenge, and through the acting by Adrienne, she makes you believe. This also stars Rodney Rowland as one of the main sadistic, racist killers. An acting veteran in reality. Performing since the late 80's. I will always remember him in the often forgot about, TV show Sci-fi classic Space: Above and Beyond, playing Lt. Cooper Hawkes. He does a sadistic job in this film. He really brings the character of Trey to life. Another solid performance goes to Tom Ardavany. He plays the other sadistic, good old boy named West. He gives a spot on tough guy persona. Both Rowland and Ardavany create characters that deserve to die in horrible means. You can't help but hate them, and you start rooting for the revenge.

This also stars to me a Native American acting icon Joseph Runningfox. Many will remember him as the lead character Geronimo, in the movie Geronimo (1993). He has been acting since the early 80's and is always a true treat to see perform, and the role of his character Grey Wolf in this, is no different.

I have to mention Marc Anthony Samuel who plays the character of Dane. I absolutely fell in love with his performance. You could feel his emotional appeal, and the dramatic reality of the situation through his pain, and suffering, and emotional performance. I think he built, and created something extraordinary, for this low-budget, indie horror film.

Now being a true and honest movie reviewer, you have to pin point the negative, with the positive. In this movie, there are some fun and corny b-grade dialogue at times, "You opened me up like a can sardines." Plus, that great b-grade horror mentality, of the bad guys thinking, they can stop the boogie man with bullets, even after they know they can't.

Another solid is the music score. It gives an emotional appeal, mixed with a darkness that is music perfection. I absolutely loved the music, sound effects. The sound department in this film is possibly one of the best, I have ever heard for an indie horror film. The music and sound effects, fits perfectly into this tale of historical revenge. I applaud Cesar Benito for the original score and all those involved in the sound/sound effects department.

Big hands up to Hugo Villasenor as the Special Effects makeup for a wonderful amazing believable job. Also the Assistant makeup, Teresa D. Aguilar, and additional makeup artist Gabby Chaidez. All created, something believable, and high budget looking. Definitely a huge shout-out to the sound mixers, visual effects, special visual effects Exile VFX and the Post City Sound Inc. and additional sound department for acing, everything in that department. This reality of make-up, music and sound along with the wonderful acting, gave something more, than most indie horror films have.

I'll take this horror movie, over most of the horror movie crap that comes out of Hollywood. A solid, emotional horror film, with just the right amount of blood and guts, to allow your gore-whistle, to be wet with perfection.

Written, edited and directed by Michael S. Ojeda. Ojeda does a fantastic job in capturing an emotional reality, 


this is a horror film, 


this is a low-budget indie film, with blood, gore and guts, 

but, the amazing performances, and the added emotional appeal, give this movie, something totally different, than most revenge horror films do. 

This reality of emotions along with the stables of horror, give it, a more personal side; a more feeling, and a touching concept. 

The end result, I felt worked in all its acting, and awesome, and I mean awesome, special effects and makeup. The film was also, a wonderful trip into the music and sound department. 

Flawlessly edited. This truly is an Independent horror winner.

A new, modern, horror classic.


Being distributed in the U.S. by Uncork'd Entertainment
Out March 6th at Arena Cinema's Hollywood California. 

Video on Demand on April 7th

Uncork'd Entertainment is one of my favorite Entertainment companies to bring out indie films, that never seem get a chance. Some good, some bad, but the point is, they, give a chance, to directors, visionary's and just plain entertainment.