Clown (2014)

Clown (2014)

Starring: Andy Powers, Peter Stormare, Laura Allen, Elizabeth Whitmere, Christian Distefano, Chuck Shamata

Plot: A family man. A father wants to make his son happy. A birthday party without a clown will be a huge let down. So good old dad, finds a late minute replacement, himself. He finds an abandoned clown outfit. He dresses and all seems well until the next day when the clown doesn’t want to go away. The costume, the wig, the nose and makeup seem to be stuck, and the pain and horror and the unknown slowly starts to take over.

My Review and Thoughts:

“What are you doing down there daddy.”

So what is freakier than a clown? How about a demon. What’s freakier than a demon, How about a freaking demon clown? Yep I am one of those person’s when I was growing up, I was scared to death by clowns. I grew up in the Stephen King IT era and so that always played a massive game with my childhood nightmares. It was one of the first horror books I ever read. When they did the TV mini-series, it all the more freaked me out, and I would not take a shower for a whole week. I constantly avoided sewer drains. There have been many clown horror films, from stupid, to funny, to crap-tastic. Going into this, I really had no real expectations, if it was going to be good or bad, simply put, I could care less. Clowns this day and age are used and just not scary anymore, like zombies and vampires, over used, rehashed and plainly retarded.

Well I can put my foot in my mouth, because I found myself really enjoying this spook flick. I think this film works. It’s fresh and unique, believe it or not. Not just a clown, but a mix of legend, evil in the possession reality, and a demon blood bath.

This is presented by an underappreciated director Eli Roth. Roth saw some great ideas and understood what this movie had. Producing this, I think is a winner. The movie I felt had its great spooky moments, and also its twisted violent nature shocked me at times, in just how far they went. This clown made clowns look and feel freaky again. The movie had freaky hair raising tones that played with your imagination and made you dread the "do you want a balloon animal my kiddie" mentality.

Directed by Jon Watts who also co-wrote along with Christopher D. Ford. Jon I felt captured the art form of a nightmarish horror film. I think Jon understands what spooky is, and is able to transcend that spooky off screen to the viewer watching. I think Ford and Watts wrote a unique story and it equally created itself on screen as that uniqueness. I think this film works, as a nice late night drive-in modern horror gem.

There is some really great talent in this picture. The wonderful and always entertaining Peter Stormare, playing the part of Karlsson. He aces the part. The very stunningly beautiful Laura Allen who plays the part of Meg is fantastic. Really loved Andy Powers as Kent, he really aced the part and is the defining performance of the show. He made you believe. I like how the writing and structure of the film played through a light hearted sense at first, and how it roughly changed into the horror aspect. I am happy that Eli produced this film, he saw, as I have stated, the uniqueness of it and its truly spooky, freaky and twisted nature.

Love the original idea of a clown costume attaching itself along with its wig and nose. When you read that, you think that it is kind of stupid sounding, but when you see the interesting outcome to the film, it truly is something that stands out as being an original horror film. Clowns are sadistic in my viewpoint, nightmarish and twisted in so many ways, and adding the evil concept to its already creepy reality, just wins so many points in my viewpoint. I loved it.

It was also wonderful seeing veteran actor, Chuck Shamata as Walt the granddad. He has been a wonderful stable in cinema since the 60’s and he plays a fantastic part as always. I think that is one strong points of the film, the solid acting by all involved. I can't speak enough about Andy Powers slow decline and ultimate twisted ordeal.

The slow transformation and the decline of the human side is visually perfect and horrifyingly dreadful. Awesome makeup and effects. I loved the back story of the Clown legend and the overall story, and execution of the idea. It’s a great little modern horror film. Old-school style, drive-in, late night, midnight screening perfection. Fun, gory and truly twisted.