VANish (2015)

VANish (2015)

Starring: Maiara Walsh, Austin Abke, Bryan Bockbrader, Adam Guthrie, Tony Todd, Danny Trejo,  

Plot: A kidnapped young woman is forced on a road trip full of murder and mayhem that takes place entirely in her captor's getaway van.

My Review and Thoughts:

"A kidnapping, a road trip, a machete, and buckets of blood, bring a fun, twisted tale of gore, and oh yeah, a gun battle shoot out with the Mexican Drug Cartel. This all adds up to perfected mayhem."

A deep woven tale of violence that does not hide, that it's a tale of violence. Dumbest criminals, yet violent dumbest criminals. They work there amateur style of kidnapping, but yet, a true reality of violent actions.  This is an interesting tale in that, what social media can lead to, if you don't watch out. Max, Jack and Shane decide to kidnap a girl named Emma and hold her for ransom. Her Daddy Carlos is contacted for 5 million. What the dumbest criminals don't know, or at least some of them, is who her daddy is.

An interesting cast of actors and equally unique characters. Shane the dorky one. Max the hard ass. I'm a bad ass angry man, and the world owes me something type of character. And the leader of the kidnapping clan, Jack, the logical one and somewhat calm one, yet with secrets. You have the basic cameos in the horror world, Tony Todd, Mr. Candyman and also the bad ass acting Mexican, Danny Trejo. This stars the beauty, Maiara Walsh as your main player, the kidnapped girl. Walsh is an amazing actress and has been acting for many years. Playing main characters in such TV shows as, Cory in the House, Desperate Housewives, and Switched at Birth. She is always a plus to anything she stars in. She aces this part of the kidnapped girl. I really liked her persona and her character was one of the strongest parts of the film. Also starring in your main lead as Jack, Austin Abke. This being his first role, I feel he did a good job. This has all the cheesy dialogue and ultra b-grade wonderment that a low budget drive-in film would have.

I have to say the star of the show, hands down goes to, Adam Guthrie. He was perfection, both comical and twisted in the part of Shane. I loved all the twists and turns with his character.

"I sucked a cock once for a fix".-Shane

Produced, written and directed by Bryan Bockbrader, and yes, also acts in this movie as Max. This is his first feature film, and for it being his first directorial debut, he did beyond, a decent job, that I felt worked. I can't believe this is first job, unbelievable. A true winner of Independent action, horror. A very tight weaved story. I enjoyed how the tension and plot takes place in one reality, the van. The twist and turns in the plot, surprisingly works even with it’s over the top persona. Bloody, comical and downright Low budget perfection.

Awesome music soundtrack. The music score and sound effects are brilliant. I love a film that pays respect to the craft and importance of music in film. Tyler Barth, Michael Tuller, Sabrina Simon, Solomon Brunker, Tyler Barth, all did a fantastic job in the music department. Also loved the music by Bombay Show Pig, The Ruse and The Parlomtones, Sahab, Maiara Walsh, Emma Hewitt. All the music score, lyrics and songs performed, fit perfectly into the mix of the film.

The movie plays out like a drive-in, old-school Grindhouse midnight screening. It has characters that get on your nerves quickly, and a story, that twist and turns, over and over again, adding a unique plot element, that works.

"If Robert Rodriguez, and Quentin Tarantino, and Roger Corman had a threesome, and birthed a love child, it would be VANish."

Loved the special make-up effects by Lior Molcho and her assistant Danit Sigler. They gave a bloody good mess of realism, and both over the top beauty in its reality. Jefferson Wagner as coordinator of Special Effects and crew Richard Cole, Dimitri Timahovich and also Movie Arms Management get applauded from me. All those involved with the effects did a great job in making it work.

I was entertained with this film and that’s all I ever ask for in a film. Solid twisty plot, solid direction. A plot that works. I enjoyed the twists and turns. Go into this, as a direct to video, low-budget style, midnight action film with tons of blood and you won’t be let down. I felt VANish was an ace in the hole.  


This is out on Video on Demand, Blu-ray and also DVD and Itunes.