Shadow Zombie (2013)

Shadow Zombie (2013)

Starring: Kim Filth, Brandi Viator, Cecily Mitchell, Shawn Gachassin

Plot: Product Description: Meet Kim Filth, and enter his horror-film existence - based on fact and blended with fiction. Kim lives with his dad, sells weed to skaters, writes poetry, and snorts painkillers to get through the day. By night, he likes to stroll around painted up as his alter ego, Shadow Zombie, which is how he meets registered nurse and part-time clown Brandi. What follows is a brief romance marked by destruction.

My Review and Thoughts:

Shadow Zombie is a weird and very unique vision of a reality based character study with an underlining aspect of personal horror. Almost a documentary of insanity, or persona's lost inside their own ways. It’s a film that is very hard to explain. I don’t really know how to describe it, and for me being without words to describe a film is unheard of. This is equal parts surreal and equals parts imaginative.

Your main focus is Kim, who spends his days smoking weed, sniffing painkillers and selling dope. He dresses himself up in white and black makeup and calls himself the Shadow Zombie. He meets a girl who dresses as a clown called, Cookie. They hit it off, but soon Cookie has a darker side. Both characters specifically Cookie is slowly spiraling out of control into her own personal demons.

Odd and strange visions of darkness and dead people cloud the reality of both Kim and Cookie. The special effects of the visions are amazing and really look great. This is a 
twisted, visual experience of a dope heads, ultimate trip.

Something that ultimately shines in the film is the narration and poetry read by Kim. His character writes and reads aloud what he has written, adding an interest aspect to the film. Most of the film has the character of Kim or his alter ego, Shadow Zombie, walking around, selling weed, watching people, interacting with persons at a party. It’s filmed in a documentary style that just adds to its unique appeal and often odd atmosphere.

This is not for everyone. This is geared toward those who like an underground film setting, or an art-house style of film. This kind of showcases the mentality of Harmony Korine’s early, non-mainstream work. What the movie is about, I have no idea other than what the description describes, or at least what I wrote about. A man who is a druggie, alone, lost in his own world, who changes when he paints his face into an alter ego, and in that makeup, he is at peace.

Experimental, art-house.

This was written, produced, edited and directed by Jorge Torres- Torres. This is the fourth film as of this writing. The movie is able to grow on you as you watch its oddness unfold.
The main star Kim Filth, is a surprisingly odd duck, and very entertaining. The film goes from its weird oddness, as you slowly understand and transcend into the subject of Kim’s miserable life, and his horrible past. You can’t help but feel sorry for these people, even though yes, the film is a pseudo-documentary, it ends up feeling as if you’re watching a reality that is often truly tragic and more or less, the horror is the mentality of these lost souls. 

Equal parts truth and equal parts fiction. Soon the truth and fiction collide creating its own little world, to experience. Absolutely loved the music by Jesse McGowan, priceless. 
Also the cinematography, or the shots of the local area is amazing and feels so real.

It’s a visceral exercise in showcasing one’s human soul and the darkened stain that haunts us, controls us and is slowly coming for us, and that is our own personal demons.

I recommend for those who get the avant-garde style, or art-house, underground film making. 

This is a truly original film, and in its own little world.