Sorrow (2014)

Sorrow (2014)

Plot: Product Description: Early one morning in the bucolic town of Fieldhouse, Texas the local residents awaken and start the day preparing to go about their business. Detective Ana Salinas is called to a crime scene unaware that this dispatch is going to be far from a usual day at work. Inside the modest home are two corpses, a kill room littered with the discarded clothing of numerous victims and strewn with blood smeared torture devices.

Starring: Vannessa Vasquez, Mary Etuk, Eric Martinez, Andrew Sensenig, Melissa Mars, Donny Boaz,

My Review and Thoughts:

This is a revenge, crime style horror film. This is being brought out on DVD by Brink Vision. The best way to describe this film is, it’s a total mix of genera’s. It weaves itself with a different style of plot. Equal parts crime drama, horror, and the ultimate twist, a survival film.

The story is focused on brutality. I felt drawn to the character of Mila, your main focus. The film displays itself in violent content and those who act on the depravity are sadistically haunting. I feel this is an old-school style revenge film. It has all the classic style of 70’s grindhouse revenge films. The story had a mind of its own. The movie gives a massive sense of dread to its main character, Mila. It mixes the dark nature of the human mind, and the horrors that humans can do to one another.
I'm always a sucker for revenge films, psychotic wronged, Justice seeking mayhem. This is a mix of all those, old school style revenge horror films with a new setting and a modern twist. At times, it’s uniquely twisted and very different. This plays homage to the Grindhouse films of the past.

What makes this ultimately unique is all the different ideas and plot twists. From a revenge setting, to nightmarish flashes of brutal violence. Being an honest movie reviewer, you have to mention the good and the bad. The movie does have its major problems. There is some, stale, really bad acting at times or better put, story and dialogue. There are massive plot holes, and really bad editing. The film flashes back and forth a little too much and never tells you, or explains, that you are in the past or the present. The structure of the film is all wrong. It’s biggest down fall is the acting and the ultimate execution of the plot. It’s really cheesy at times and displays itself as a b-movie in performances. It’s not so much the acting that’s off, it’s the script that is off. Many of the characters are portrayed as non-logical in dialogue and situation. The worst is the last 15 minutes of the film. The back and forth with Mila and the Detective is hideous in dialogue, and not in a good way, but a cheesy way, and utterly ridiculous.

The biggest accomplishment that this movie details is the unapologetic reality to its visceral violent content. Vannessa Vasquez comes off and creates an emotionally draining performance, even though at times the story is predictable and the character is stupid in choices. She owns her character and gives all the pain, suffering and emotional plight that one would experience if this would really happen. Mastery in the part of victim, even if flawed in script.

The parts by Eric Martinez, Mary Etuk are both sadistic accomplishments. Each create the ultimate sadistic criminal. They create a nightmare. Mary Etuk is utterly insane and twisted in the part of Hersey. Eric Martinez is the very word brutal.

The film, yes uses the tired revenge setting, but with a unique and ultimately, a twist, that transcends the overused and tired plot. I think this film ultimately works because of its difference. Fans of direct to video, low budget, drive-in style B-movies will be entertained and appreciate the homage to the old grindhouse ways of cinema.

Thanks to Brink Vision, you will be able to see this dark, low budget, violent film. Brink specializes in Independent and unique pieces of cinema, and Sorrow, even with its major flaws, is still one of those pieces.

This is Millie Loredo’s feature length directorial debut. Millie not only directed this, but also wrote it. For this being a first film, I think it works even with the problems, mainly the plot holes and conclusion. I really felt what Millie accomplished is worthy to speak about and to recommend a watch, to those who understand this style of cinema. As I have stated, fans of low budget B-movies will appreciate.

The film comes together to bring forth a low budget grindhouse, B-horror revenge film. I was entertained. It held my interest. It came off at times as a dark and twisted exploration of insanity.


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