In Memory: Carlo Steven Krakoff

Something I always like to look for is what ever happened to certain child stars that seem to vanish from popular culture. It shocks me some of the truths I find out while researching. Any of the individuals I look up are those who I remember fondly from my childhood, obsessed with movies and TV.

Today I am remembering a child star that sadly I learned through my research has passed away. I remember seeing Carlo Steven Krakoff in many wonderful episodes of 80’s television, such as Webster, Punky Prewster. I suppose it would be the iconic image of a young Star Trek Spock, in the feature film Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock that many will remember him as. I do remember him fondly from that role, but it would be his TV work that I remember him from mostly. He played the animated characters of Fred in A Pup Named Scooby Doo for 4 seasons, and also did the voice of Pigpen and Franklin in Snoppy’s Getting Married, The Charlie Brown and Snoppy Show.

Now as I have stated it is the love I had for TV series of the 80’s that he shines in my memory. He played the reoccurring character of Roger on the 1983 to 1987 classic TV series Webster. Also he played a reoccurring role on one of my personal favorites Punky Brewster. He also played the role of Quigley Handlesman on the TV show Out of this World from 1987 to 1988.

 Something funny is that he also had very small but yet important parts in feature films, such as the one I mentioned, playing Spock at 9 years old, playing the kid with the whistle in Teen Wolf, playing Tommy Pervis the Lawnmower kid in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. As I have stated he seems to have made his rounds in the 80’s and 90’s TV world, not only in Webster, Punky Brewster, but also other classics like Diff’rent Strokes, Growing Pains, Mr. Belvedere, The Wonder Years. His last acting job was in 1994-1996 playing the recurring character of Matthew in the TV series, Weird Science.

Sadly like a lot of child actors, they end up entering a world of drugs and criminal ways. Steven got addicted to drugs. In 2010 he was convicted of armed robbery. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Sadly on July 31st 2011 at the very young age of 36 years old, he died of a drug overdose, Heroin in a prison, in Tucson, Arizona.

It’s a true shame, when someone you seem like you know, because you grew up watching them, ends ups on the wrong side, and ultimately dies because of that wrong side. Now on a side note, his death showcases a lot of the horrors in prison. In Arizona prisons there has been a high number of deaths, related to drug overdoses with no explanation of how these drugs are getting in. All the deaths are ruled accidental by the medical examiner. 

Sadly, Carlo Steven left a son named Noah with out a father. Carlo Steven is described by his family and friends as a person that loved life, and shined at making people laugh. He was a constant performer weather just being a dad, or playing the piano, or just living life. Carlo got addicted to pain killers after his jaw was damaged during a routine surgery of a tonsillectomy. He became addicted to the powerful killer Oxycodone. This day and age there are so many dying from the intake of drugs. My own brother is a recovering drug addict. It’s a painful process to see people that you love, and cherish, and have so much to offer life, destroy it all with a needle or a pill.

Carl will forever be a part of the 80’s and 90’s pop culture through his many performances, and the many memories taken from his short, yet wonderful acting career.