The Hive (2015)

The Hive (2015)

Starring: Gabriel Basso, Kathryn Prescott, Jacob Zachar, Stephen Blackehart

My Review and Thoughts:

“Do not let anyone in, No matter what.”

The Hive is a sci-fi style horror that is a memorable, demonic orgy of an end of the world style insanity. Equal parts unfolding mystery, and equal parts apocalyptic cliché. It has its strong points, and then it has its lesser moments. At times, I felt like I was watching a TV show on CW or MTV. 

It has that mentality of not giving back story, or structure to the characters. You really felt nothing for the characters, and that is another of its flaws. The characters where not built up enough to really care for any of them. The characters are fun, and likable, but so what. That is a problem with a lot of horror films this day and age, they don’t give back story to care for the characters on screen.

You start out with a young man, clearly infected with something, black substance oozing from his body, pus filled like pimples covering his skin.  He wakes up in a cabin with the word, remember written on the wall, and pictures of a girl, that have been drawn. Through many flashbacks, the story is pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle. This reality of the jigsaw puzzle plot, can be unnerving, and disorienting, and also has been done countless times before, but even with that said, this film has its brilliant clichéd originality to it.

Gory. Solid story. Two teenage camp counselors, one being Adam, who is the person you are introduced to in the cabin at the first. Adam is the one who tells the story in flashbacks. And the other, is his friend Clark. Adam, before all the horror happens, falls for another teenage girl Counselor named Katie. After some back story of humor, flirting, a plane crashes near the camp. Being teenagers they seek out just what it is. Slowly kids, and everyone around them start to change. Sickness. Something that slowly grows in them, changing them into something otherworldly, almost demonic in nature.

Even with its clichéd reality, the film is solidly directed. The acting works around an added sarcastic humor that teenagers are known for. The movie thankfully takes itself serious at times adding a dark nature to the film that is displayed in a believable reality that gets under your skin. The humor at times is what I had a problem with. So many horror films this day and age feel they can’t take themselves serious, and feel they have to add humor to the plot. Sometimes it works, and others times it fails. I think with this film it fails and yet works. The darker nature of the infection changing the persons into raging monstrosities, that seem somewhat Zombie like, yet possessed with an evil as dark as hell is displayed on screen in a Drive-In late night reality.     

The movie was good in the cult like status. It’s like a late-night Drive-in style horror that has its great moments, but really adds nothing new to the mix of horror films. Great makeup and gore, solid acting, and direction. Starring Gabriel Basso as your main character Adam. Many will know Basso as the character Martin in the film, Super 8 (2011). Basso does a great job in The Hive, and is able to own his character, and makes you follow along with his ordeal as the story unfolds. Also starring Kathryn Prescott as Katie. Another fantastic performance. Gabrielle Walsh gives an intense performance and is utterly terrific as the demonic infected. Her performance stood out. Jacob Zachar was also fantastic as Clark, the best friend to Adam.  

This was co-written and directed by David Yarovesky’s. Also written by Will Honley. Yarovesky’s did a fantastic job in capturing a memorable intensity. The movie has its flaws, such as the clichéd mentality of an infection, the end, or possession, but in the end I still thought it was a solid film to watch.

Some will absolutely love, and some will be so, so. I enjoyed the film for what it was, a rehash of a lot of other films, just with some twists and turns. In the end, I was still entertained.