TROMA Blu-ray: The Last Horror Film (1982)

The Last Horror Film (1982)

Format: Blu-ray

Company: TROMA

Starring: Joe Spinell, Judd Hamilton, Caroline Munro.

My Review and Thoughts:

Film: 4/5

Wowzers it’s been a long time since I have seen this film. I was excited when I learned this was coming to blu-ray. This is a horror film that stands out for its time period. The main reason this film shines is specifically because of the actor Joe Spinell. Joe acts his butt off in this film. This besides Maniac is his finest performance of insanity. This is a film mixed with that violent nature of old school horror films, and everything you would expect in a film tilted, The Last Horror Film.

The plot is a basic style of horror film of the 80’s, a stalker, stalking a girl. This time around a taxi driver named Vinny is stalking a beautiful actress who is part of the Cannes Film Festival. Meanwhile many of her friends are being violently killed. Blood, gore, lots of screams and violence lead you into a world of horror 80’s classic style, with pure B-horror entertainment.

Directed by David Winters. Winters is a producer, actor, director, writer, musical department, and an all-around guru of film making. He is a director that adventured into many styles of entertainment from documentary, to horror, to many styles. He has away with bringing low budget cinema to the front of entertainment. He has produced tons of films, and also has acted in many films. I think The Last Horror Film is his shining film, or at least the one I like the most, and return to. An actor since 1943 and has directed all the way up to the present, 2015.  

I have often felt this was an underrated slasher film forgotten by time. Thankfully TROMA has brought this out on a worthy blu-ray. From Decapitations, disemboweling, axe attacks and so much more. Did I mention tons of nudity.

The Last Horror Film is a mix of Drive-In Style B-movie entertainment. This is one of those horror films packed full of violence, screams, cheesy wonderful entertainment. A pure old school 80’s B-grade horror at its best. The beautiful Caroline Munro playing the obsession of Joe Spinnell’s character Vinny. Both equal perfection woven around an often darker eroticism, splashed with blood.

Extras: 4/5

Like most all of TROMA’s releases they jam pack there blu-rays with countless little goodies. Features, interviews, commentaries and so on. This release like all their others is a fine example of supplying extras to fans that fork out the hard earned cash for these products. Now like most of the special features supplied on these blu-ray releases, most have nothing to do with the film itself, it’s more or less the special features play homage to TROMA, and geared to TROMA fiends. As the blu-ray states, this film is newly restored, and also features the music of Depeche Mode.  

The Special Features are:
The Return of one of TROMA’s most beloved characters, Dolphin-man.
New Intro by Lloyd Kaufman (President of TROMA Entertainment and creator of The Toxic Avenger)
Audio Commentary. Which is a really good listen.
Highlights from 2015 Tromadance Film Festival
Mr. Robbie (A Short Film by Buddy Giovinazzo (Combat Shock) starring Joe Spinell)
A Full Episode of TROMA’s latest web-series Kabukiman Cocktail Corner starring Paul Booth

Audio/Video: 4/5

I don't spend my time picking apart things. For the most part the film looks good. There are some moments where you can tell the film had problems, the transfer is not perfect, but looks better than it has ever been. These type of movies have never been given the proper treatment in the first place, so you should expect some moments of imperfection. Comparing this to my old VHS copy, and DVD copy, and dare I say a bootleg copy, this has never looked any better. Comparing it to those three realities, I think this has a fantastic audio and video presentation. The sound quality is ear candy, and the imagery is vibrant in color compared to all other existing outlets.

1080P AVC MPEG-4
Aspect Ratio 1:85:1
Dolby Digital Stereo


If you have never seen this, don’t go into this wanting an Oscar Worthy film, go into this wanting some classic 80’s violence, blood, nudity laced, cheesy Drive-In entertainment, and then you won’t be let down. Old school violence. Perfection in 80’s horror trash. TROMA did a lovely job in bringing out an 80’s gem on a new high class product that stands out. This is worth the gold forked out for it. Horror fans, Spinell fans. TROMA fans. This is classic 80’s horror on a lovely new blu-ray.